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5 Best sources of discount & overstock surplus Merchandise 

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5 Best sources of discount & overstock surplus Merchandise 


You’ve seen a lot of deals on our website and we’re going to go through a couple sources where you can find listings for all kinds of discounted goods and merchandise.  Whether it’s volume merchandise, government surplus, retail deals, or hidden discount codes (you know when you order something online you always see that little box it says discount codes?). A Lot of times you may not have one, but there’s a source where you can look those up. We’re going to go through five locations where you can find various types of deals and discounts. 


The first one is American merchandise Liquidators:


 This is a site where they actually buy pallets and truckloads of returned and overstocked goods from merchandisers. Home Depot, Target, Lowe’s are great examples and they sell them by the truckload palette. You can look up different categories: tools and equipment, general merchandise, toys, furniture , home improvement, and electronics. They have all kinds of listings on this site. What you’re going to find is it’ll be a daily update for these different types of merchandise. Now, you have to sign up for this, it doesn’t cost anything initially but you can get an email distribution every day to show you what’s available. You can look at ones that are in your local jurisdiction, sometimes these deals only make sense if you’re close by. If you’re buying a truckload, let’s say you are in Nevada and the truckload is in Pennsylvania; it may not make sense to buy it. Even at a deal, you have to ship it, so you want to look to make sure you find things that are local to you. That’s number one.


Number two is what’s called gov deals:

This is a great website. This is where government agencies sell surplus items. Now only government agencies can sell here. This helps you because a lot of times these discounts or deal surplus listings you find on Amazon or Ebay. It’s really just an individual that bought something. The only way to put something for sale on GovDeals is to be certified and verified as a government agency. They sell everything here: all-terrain vehicles, bicycles, motor vehicles, generators , even fire trucks. Here we’re going to take a look at fire trucks. There’s a bunch of fire trucks that are for sale all over the country. A Ford F-550 in Virginia shows the mileage, and has pictures. Anybody here can buy most of these, the only problem is if it’s a police item sometimes it’s restricted to only law enforcement. They even have things like firearms that you can buy. There’s a few aircrafts, a Bell 47g Helicopter for sale for forty seven thousand dollars. This gov deals with a great place to find inventory in all kinds of categories. The list is endless.


Number three is next:

Slick deals, this is a website that every couple minutes updates a list of deals that people have found that are for sale. A group of six jackets for $29. A Under Armor t-shirt for $13.00. Everything from food to household goods, and tools. $ 189 for this Milwaukee ratchet set. It’s curated by social popularity, so people can submit items to this. You could submit something and then if it’s popular and people think it’s a deal it’ll show up on their front page. Slick deals is a very good site.


 next one is Ecom, number four: 

This is a wholesale dea site. Kind of like American merchandise liquidators but it breaks it down by category: Amazon, eBay, Walmart, and where did it come from. They have daily deals and this is something that you really have to sort through to find things that appeal to you. You can get an email update every day for Ecom. It’ll tell you what’s available, what showed up that day.


The final, number 5:

Deal news this is kind of like slick deals where it’s a daily, more consumer based. Levi’s jeans for $17, dress shirts for $3.00. It’s more retail – consumer oriented but it does have a lot of really good deals. A lot of times you have to sort through, there may be things on there you’re not interested in and you have to scroll through the whole list. Sometimes the things you find on here is a little harder to find. There are better deals because on slick deals sometimes they’re easier to find so they get snapped up quickly. The deals go away if you don’t jump on it quickly, where low deal news sometimes lasts longer.

 the last one, a bonus:

How do you get coupon codes?

This site is called RetailMeNot, it has discount codes for all kinds of retail companies: Papa John’s,Nike, Vistaprint, Panera Bread. RetailMeNot is a great way to get that last little bit of discount from your order if you’re already ordering something anyways. Before you hit that enter button go to RetailMeNot see if there’s a coupon code for that site or discount code. If you put it in you might be able to get an extra 5 or 10 bucks off your order. That’s some great sources for discounting lower prices, finding deals. If you know other ones, drop it in the comments below and keep an eye on our website for individual deals that might be of interest to you.

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