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6 Ways to Catch a Cheating Partner

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6 ways to catch a cheating partner..

There is always a way to catch your partner cheating. Maybe you think that your partner has been keeping some things from you and you’re getting suspicious. The thing is, some people cheat because they are lazy and have no self-control or don’t respect the relationship by thinking it doesn’t matter if they stray. No matter what their reasons for doing so maybe, one can find out if he/she is cheating.

The circle back

To avoid suspicion, cheaters will often make plans to cheat when their partner is not around. To catch your partner cheating, you’ll need to leave the house so that they feel free to cheat. Tell your partner that you’re going to a specific place, such as the grocery store or gym. Then, check back on them while you’re away. If they seem too distracted when you return home and can’t account for their time, this could be a red flag.

Monitoring your internet router traffic

If your partner is within wifi range, you can see what traffic is going through that router. By logging in through your internet service provider (ISP) you can check to see what traffic is going through your wifi router. Some routers are able to provide specific information like the actual text messages going through the connection, while others offer different data traffic points.

IP devices

Many times a cheater will use a second phone that you don’t know about. Every electronic device shows up on a wifi search. If you pull up a list of networks or Bluetooth devices in range, that device will show up. If there’s an electronic device in your range, it’ll show up here.

Take a quick snapshot

If you suspect that your partner is leaving to go meet someone in person, take a photo or a mental note of what they’re wearing and specific details about their appearance on that day. Are their shoes tied in a certain way? Is their hair done up when it normally isn’t? These are little details that may seem arbitrary, but they are crucial in spotting differences. By spotting these differences and connecting the dots you’ve already uncovered, you may be able to catch your partner in a lie.

Credit report

If you can get a credit report on your partner, you can see if they have any additional credit cards to find these activities. Cheaters aren’t going to use shared cards where you see the bill to purchase these items. You can get a credit report by asking them, applying for a joint loan, or a joint credit card.

Mileage on the vehicle

Before your partner leaves, check to see the mileage on their vehicle. When they come back, check the mileage again. Does it match up? If the gym is 2 miles away, but now there are 15 more miles on the car, you can assume that another trip was taken during that time.

If you caught your partner cheating, then it’s best to confront them. It’s a difficult conversation to have, but it’s definitely worth having. Ask each other questions and try to find out the truth. If they did cheat on you, do not blame yourself and instead, look inward at the relationship to see where it all went wrong. Communicate with your partner after confronting them and you could still get an honest answer on what’s happening in their life. If you’re interested in learning how a private investigator can help, get in touch with us as Active Intel Investigations.

Before confronting your partner, make sure that you are in a safe location to do so. If you do not feel safe alone with your partner, coordinate with a trusted friend or family member to accompany you in this conversation. If you are unsafe in your relationship, for anonymous, confidential help 24/7, call the National Domestic Violence Hotline at 800-799-7233 or text START to 88788.


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