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Cyber Filing

If you are in a disagreement or conflict with another party, you have many tools available to you. Whether you want to fight back, resolve the problem, or do some background on the other party, there are resources to help you.

Demand Letter

- From $49 -

Prior to formal litigation, you may be able to get results from sending a formal demand letter. This can often resolve your issue out of court, and at least it establishes a formal contact with the counterparty. In some jurisdictions, you are required to attempt to resolve the issue directly with the other party before being able to file a court case. This is a professionally written letter sent on your behalf.

Asset Search

- From $129 -

It may be valuable to document the asset status of an opponent during or prior to a litigation. Locating the asset value of a subject can help determine if they have sufficient capital to see if it is worth pursuing a claim. It is also important to document any attempts to conceal or hide assets, to demonstrate bad faith or fraudulent conveyance. At the same time, if a potential opponent has excrement assets, sometimes it is a reason NOT to proceed with litigation if they can outspend you on legal fees.

Small Claims Filing

- From $199 -

We can prepare the initial case filing or petition based on your specific facts. There are 3611 different filing jurisdictions in the US, and we can prepare the first case filing for your specific court, using the format and staging. We can also efile the case or hand deliver as needed. We can also arrange for service of process to the defendant. This also includes location investigation to identify the current location of the subject for service of process.

Case Check

- From $149 -

The previous legal activities of a subject can help understand their philosophy handling conflicts. Have they been sued before? Do they file counterclaims? What attorneys are they associated with? Do they have existing liens or claims against them? WHo are other parties who have conflicts with the subject, who may be able to coordinate information to help prove the other parties' bad acts.


- From $249 -

Mediation or arbitration is the last chance you have to resolve the dispute before turning it over to the court and possible jury. Once it goes to court, a lot of the process is out of your control. A mediated outcome is like an intervention of a neutral 3rd party whose only interest is to help two parties come to a mutually beneficial conclusion, without excessive legal fees or gambling on a court result. Last chance to control your destiny.

Attorney Contact

- From $79 -

If you need attorney representation, we have a specific procedure for helping find and contact a firm for your case, and more importantly get them to return your contact and take your case. The process involves researching dozens of firms in your jurisdiction, researching the practice areas of the firms to determine which ones tend to match your case type. Then we send inquiries to at least 10 firms with a request to reply if they are currently taking new cases. Respondent firms are connected to you for evaluation and further conversation.


- From $129 -

Describe your case to a licensed private investigator and certified mediator. We can describe your available options for resolving your case. Whether it is an asset search, online scam, deleted records recovery, or other investigative scenario, your live private consultation can provide answers and directions for how to proceed, even some suggestions for free “do-it-yourself” investigative methods.