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Cyber Threats Targeting Businesses and Schools

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Unveiling the Simplicity of Ransomware Attacks on Businesses

In the fast-paced world of cybercrime, an alarming number of businesses are falling prey to fraudulent activities, particularly through cyber-attacks and ransomware. These attacks are not as complex as one might imagine. They are executed by hackers employing very basic tactics on a massive scale. Instead of sophisticated programming experts, these culprits are often individuals scattered across the globe. Utilizing straightforward methods against thousands of companies. Only a few victims may succumb to their attacks. However, these cybercriminals continue to exploit the weakest links. Opting for simplicity over sophistication. With the right kind of cyber protection and insurance, these lower-level hackers can be thwarted, providing businesses with a stronger defense against potential threats.

Schools: A Vulnerable Hub for Cyber Criminals

Schools have become a prime target for cybercriminals due to their relatively lower threshold of prevention with cyber defense. Hackers are now infiltrating educational institutions, and gaining access to sensitive student files. Then releasing this data on the dark web, demanding ransom payments for their safe return. In one such case, a school faced a staggering $1M ransom demand, and when the demand went unmet, the criminals retaliated by dumping 300,000 files. Including medical records and discrimination complaints on the internet. These attacks not only jeopardize the students’ privacy but also expose the personal information of parents. Identification documents, addresses, and social security numbers are stored within these files. It is imperative for schools to implement at least basic cyber defense and insurance measures to mitigate the risk of such devastating breaches.

Basic Cyber Protection and Insurance


To counter the prevalent cyber threats, businesses and schools alike must ensure they have adequate cyber protection in place. Even a basic level of coverage can make a significant difference, as it signals to hackers that the targeted organization is not an easy mark. Just like in scuba diving, where you don’t need to outswim the shark but just the other divers. Having fundamental cybersecurity measures in place can deter hackers from pursuing their attacks on your organization. Cybercriminals are more likely to seek out easier targets when they encounter organizations with basic protection, leaving well-prepared businesses and schools relatively unscathed.


Understanding the evolving fraud landscape is crucial for both businesses and educational institutions. By recognizing the prevalence of simple yet effective cyber attacks, companies can focus on bolstering their cybersecurity defenses, thereby reducing their vulnerability to potential threats. Schools must recognize their desirability as targets for hackers. Their data-rich environments take proactive steps to safeguard both student and parent information. Implementing basic cyber protection and insurance measures can go a long way in mitigating risks and ensuring a safer digital environment for all.


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