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Education Deficiencies Affect Everyone, Not Just The Disadvantaged

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So, we’ve seen a lot of news stories about how there are problems with students at all grade levels being able to read, do math, or do some other basic things. This isn’t an indictment, a criticism, or a judgment on how that happened, why it happened, or whose fault it is. There’s a place for that conversation; this is more about what the consequences are for everybody involved, even people who are not part of the group that’s falling behind on an educational platform.

The Individual’s Struggle
According to this article, if you are one of the fifth of Americans who struggle to read well, you’re going to have problems in your life. You may not be able to read contracts, agreements, or maybe even get a job. The rest of society needs to help out with that.

The Impact on Business and Society
If you’re part of the other 80 percent who can read or do math, maybe you’re a businessperson, a manager, or a family member. This lack of literacy creates problems for you as well. For instance, if you’re a company that sells things to customers and part of that sales process involves agreements or terms and conditions, literacy issues among customers or staff can lead to efficiency problems or even legal problems.

Business and Legal Ramifications
Some credit card companies are now cracking down on merchants who have too many chargebacks on their accounts because customers couldn’t read the agreement. This poses a significant business problem and reflects a societal issue that needs addressing. Likewise, merchants who sell online and rely on customers to comprehend terms and conditions face similar challenges.

Family dynamics and social responsibility
If you’re a family member with a relative who struggles with basic tasks due to educational deficiencies, it creates additional responsibilities for you. This educational gap, whether due to the pandemic or other factors, is beginning to have a domino effect on society.

Adapting and Taking Action
Other parts of society need to take notice and adapt accordingly. There’s a necessity for adjustments and actions to prevent this from becoming a more significant problem in society. Even if you’re not directly impacted by the lack of education, it affects everyone in some way or another.

By recognizing the broader consequences of educational disadvantage, we can work towards a more inclusive and prosperous society for all.

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