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How Do You Know That A Mediator is Impartial?

  • 2 min read

Mediators are often referred to as neutrals because they’re not biased toward one side or another. However, it’s natural to wonder how one can be sure that a mediator is truly impartial in dealing with a case.

Partiality Towards Success
In reality, mediators aren’t entirely impartial. A good mediator is partial to achieving a successful outcome. Their goal is to reach a solution that benefits all parties involved.

Focused on Resolution
Throughout the mediation process, the mediator remains focused on finding a resolution. They actively listen to both parties and work towards a conclusion that satisfies everyone involved.

Absorbing Both Perspectives
When a mediator engages with one party, it doesn’t indicate favoritism. Instead, it demonstrates their commitment to understanding each side’s perspective thoroughly.

Building trust and empathy
A mediator’s empathy for one party shouldn’t be seen as biased. Rather, it’s an essential aspect of building trust and ensuring both parties feel heard and understood.

Expertise in Connecting
Mediators excel at connecting with both sides and understanding their needs and concerns. This ability is crucial for facilitating a successful resolution.

Passion for Resolution
While impartiality is inherent in the mediation process, mediators are passionate about achieving a resolution. They see failure to resolve conflicts as a personal letdown and strive to ensure all parties reach a satisfactory outcome.

Commitment to Ending Conflict
Mediators understand the stakes involved in unresolved conflicts and are committed to preventing further harm. They go above and beyond to ensure a successful resolution for all parties involved.

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