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How To Profit By Finding Frauds & Scams

How To Profit By Finding Frauds & Scams


Do you like doing online research? Do you consider yourself to be an amateur investigator?


That’s good. Did you know that if you discover certain types of fraud you can benefit from this as what’s called a whistleblower? There are certain government procedures and programs where people who discover fraud against the government; for example , could be somebody not paying their taxes, someone defrauding the government on a contract. Sometimes even finding an unregulated security, somebody offering an investment without a license, basically can benefit from turning these people in to the government. There’s a process to go through one of them is called “a false claims act”. It’s called a quiet am case, where the government is being defrauded by some type of contractor or business deal. If you discover it; maybe you’re an employee of the company, or you’re just an amateur sleuth. You find this, you can report it to the government.


If you declare yourself a whistleblower properly, using the right paperwork, the government recovers fees or stops losses. You can get a percentage of that. Now remember, we’re not attorneys, we’re not giving you legal advice. You want to look into exactly how to do this. As a fraud investigative agency, we run into this a lot where there is fraud against a government agency. There are improper securities, investments being offered, or sometimes people who are doing tax evasion. Any one of these could be possibly, hypothetically a way for a private individual to benefit from discovering this fraud. If you’d like to do online investigations, you’re doing research, you’re good at snooping out data, and doing all kinds of deep dives of intel; you can use these skills as a way to maybe earn income. Now a lot of these cases take many years to go through the court, go through the system.


If you have filed yourself as a whistleblower, you may be able to benefit. Something to look at. You can check out our website for more information about how this works and how you can do some of these investigations on your own. It’s all free. Their website gives you free consumer resources to help you learn how to do these investigations and maybe benefit from it financially.


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