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Is Chatbot Or Live Person Better Customer Service?

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The Rise of Chat GPT in Customer Service
Here’s a quote that surfaced on a popular YouTube channel discussing the emergence of a new chat bot known as Chat GPT, a form of machine learning, or what some term as artificial intelligence. This technology is increasingly being adopted by numerous websites and companies to manage customer service, inquiries, and even phone calls. The comment highlighted how this automated chat bot response feels more human compared to traditional corporate customer service.

The Dilemma of Customer Service Preferences
For months, there’s been an ongoing conversation about the quality of corporate customer service. Often, it comprises lower-level clerks or administrative personnel who might lack the comprehensive knowledge to address inquiries. Moreover, some of these services are outsourced overseas. As a consumer or user of customer service platforms, a crucial question arises: do you prefer interacting with a less informed, perhaps less empowered live person, or do you lean towards a chat bot providing pre-programmed responses?

Exploring alternative solutions
Considering these preferences, a third option beckons: what alternatives do you seek when you need to unravel complex questions or inquiries without relying on a chat bot or conversing with a clerk or receptionist? Perhaps you seek direct interaction with a live person possessing substantial knowledge and wisdom in the relevant domain. If so, what avenues or options do you turn to in such situations?

Seeking valuable input
Your perspective on this matter holds significant value. By sharing your preferences and alternatives in the comments section, you contribute to the ongoing development of advice resources tailored for various professional environments. Your insights will aid in shaping and refining strategies to meet evolving customer service needs effectively.

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