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Lower Home Price & Higher APR Is WORSE Than Higher Home Prices

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Let’s start by examining the impact of lower interest rates on home affordability. Imagine you’re considering buying a home, and you use a mortgage calculator to crunch the numbers.

Market conditions in 2022-2023
Fast forward to 2022 or 2023, where there’s speculation about a potential decline in real estate values. Some experts predict a significant drop, perhaps as much as 20%.

Effects of a Market Decline
Suppose the market does experience a 20% downturn, resulting in a decrease in home prices. Additionally, let’s assume interest rates rise significantly.

Unforeseen Consequences
Contrary to expectations, the combination of lower home prices and higher interest rates actually leads to an increase in monthly mortgage payments.

Refinancing as a Solution?
While some may consider refinancing to lower their mortgage payments in the future, there’s no guarantee that interest rates will decrease. Historical data suggests that rates have been much higher in the past.

Long-Term Rate Trends
Over the years, mortgage rates have varied significantly, sometimes exceeding 10%. This historical context complicates the assumption that rates will inevitably decrease.

Mitigating Factors
Even if home prices decline, other expenses associated with homeownership, such as insurance, taxes, and maintenance, are likely to increase.

Complex Relationship between Rates and Prices
The relationship between interest rates and home prices may not be as straightforward as it seems. Rising interest rates might not necessarily result in lower home prices due to persistent demand in the housing market.

Reevaluating affordability
Ultimately, the interplay between interest rates and home prices complicates the notion of affordability. Lower rates may not always translate to easier homeownership, especially if they coincide with other cost increases associated with owning a home.

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