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Millionaires Can’t Retire.

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Millionaires Can’t Retire

Here’s another excellent example about planning for your financial future that comes from the world of millionaires. 35% more than a third of millionaires say it’s going to take a miracle to be ready for retirement. You would think that if you had a million dollars or millions dollars you’d be set for life; but if you do the math one or two million dollars isn’t going to last you for the rest of your life. If you retire even at age 60 or 65. You take two million dollars and divide it up

with inflation you run out of money very quickly. Even if you have two million dollars divided over 20 years, that’s a hundred thousand dollars a year, that’s eight thousand dollars a month to live on. Subtract things like taxes, Insurance, health care, and don’t forget inflation. Two million dollars may not go as far as you think, so what are your plans for retirement if you’re thinking that you have a million or two and you want to live for more than 20 more years..

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