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What exactly is and how does it help you?

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 What exactly is and how does it help you?

What’s in it for you, what do you get out of this well.. 

What you’ve probably been facing as a consumer, is a lack of customer service in the marketplace. In fact it’s become a very serious problem, especially people who want to make an informed decision.  Many companies are abandoning any kind of customer service. Teladvice can help you.

 There’s an airline that announced recently they’re not even going to have a phone number to call anymore. Many government agencies don’t have phone resources where you can call in and ask questions. Even retail companies are going from phone resources for customer service to a chatbot where you type a message and some robot answers back your questions.

 What do you do if you’re a consumer who wants to actually talk to an actual human being? A living person,  get straight answers and not a website, not a chatbot, not an uninformed clerk. You have a couple options: one of the things you can do is just read their website, if you’re dealing with a company or you have some question about a product or service you can go online. 

Go to a website, read about that subject. Now the problem with that is you have to read through all kinds of information to find the answer to your particular question, which if there’s 100 different people that have different questions you have to sort through all the other answers to get to your question. 

Another option:

you have is you can watch YouTube videos, there’s a YouTube video that answers every question that’s ever been asked. The problem is you have to find the video and watch it; the bigger problem is it’s a one-way conversation. You cannot ask a question to YouTube, you cannot ask a YouTube video to clarify information about your particular situation. You don’t have the attention of the person on YouTube. 

The third option is you can try to call a company and see if you get through. More than likely you’re going to get either a voicemail and just leave a message, or some lower level clerk receptionist who really doesn’t know the answers to your question.

Think about it, when you call an electrical company or a plumbing company, the person answering the phone is not typically the plumber or electrician expert because they’re out doing work for customers. This is going to be a person who is an admin person. However, it’s not their main job to talk to customers, they’re doing paperwork, they may take a message but they’re not really going to have your answer.

Furthermore, in some instances if you call a company, you will be able to talk to somebody at length, but it’s going to be a salesperson. They’re going to have an agenda to try to sell you something, not just provide unbiased information because that’s not their goal. They’re there to sell, to make commissions, so the information they give might be biased.It might be limited to try to get you to buy something.

About us:

 That’s where comes in! We’ve assembled a large contingent of experts in various fields that are available to answer your questions. One-on-one, you will have the undivided attention of a licensed, certified, professional. You will have them by the collar, you got them by the coattails where you can ask them any questions you want. You can get the information you need and it’s not at the mercy of somebody trying to sell you something, or at the mercy of somebody who’s just an admin person. 

Do you have that license expert at your disposal? As a human being they can answer your questions. TelAdvice can be done live with video, can be done by phone call, and you’ll schedule a time that fits for you.  Usually you can schedule it within the hour, where you can talk to that person. 

What industries are we talking about?

We have experts in the field of real estate in terms of sales, purchases, transactions, mortgages. Even things like real estate titles and deeds and liens. 

We have experts in the field of conflict, legal arena: private investigators that can talk about lawsuit investigations, asset searches, even mediators that can help resolve a conflict without having to go to court.

What do we have?

We have experts in the building and general contracting industry. Things like permits and building costs, construction costs, floor plans. Even things like inspections of properties, how to make sure a property might have a good track record, and not have defects you. 

We have experts in the automotive industry: sales transactions, dealing with Automotive dealerships, real vehicle titles, and registrations, how to get through that process with the DMV,  and how to cut through bureaucracy.

 We have experts in the risk management industry:  Commercial Insurance, cyber liability, defense against cyber attacks, dealing with potential risks on your business, or even on your personal lines.

Why others aren’t helping

The various fields are expanding. You’ll find experts in a number of fields. Remember this is on demand; meaning that it’s at your schedule, at your discretion. You talk to the expert on your terms and it’s an actual human being. It’s not a chatbot, it’s not some overseas call bank. It’s a live person in the states who is a licensed or certified expert that’s at your disposal.  This is a way to cut through the voicemail, the messages, the clerks, the sales people, or the chatbots. No customer service at all and get to somebody directly.

These professionals are making time away from their schedule doing their profession and making themselves available to you. You get to discuss your issue, questions answered, and give you the information you need to be an informed consumer.  

We’re not giving legal advice, we’re giving you professional expertise and observations about your situation that might help you. 

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