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What To DO RIGHT AWAY After An Online Fraud

  • 3 min read

1. Embrace Your Side Hustle:
Do you have a side hustle, an extra gig, or something you’re making some money with on your own? That’s great—that’s the entrepreneurial spirit that everybody should strive for, whether you have a full-time primary job or not. It’s crucial to always have something that generates income independently.

  • The Essence of Entrepreneurial Spirit:
    Whether your primary focus is a full-time job or not, cultivating a source of income beyond the traditional employment realm is an essential step towards financial empowerment.

2. Transitioning from Side Gig to Main Hustle:
However, merely having a side gig is not enough. It’s time to think about your next chess move—shifting from a primary job to making your side gig your main hustle. But don’t stop there; there’s a pivotal aspect to consider for sustained success.

  • The Trap of an Unending Hustle:
    If your side hustle requires daily hustle and manual effort, there’s a risk of running into long-term trouble—especially financial issues. The key lies in transforming it into something more automated and efficient.

3. The Need for Automation:
Having a side hustle is commendable, but to avoid perpetual hustling, automation and outsourcing become crucial. Without scaling, you may encounter what we call the “dentist problem,” reaching a point where your time becomes the limiting factor.

  • The Dentist Problem:
    The analogy of the dentist problem illustrates how certain professions, despite being lucrative, have inherent limitations due to time constraints. Scaling becomes imperative to overcome these boundaries.

4. Breaking the Time Barrier:
If your side hustle relies solely on your time and effort, scalability is limited. To elevate your venture, explore options like Fiverr, outsourcing, or utilizing overseas virtual assistants. These approaches can help alleviate the burden and pave the way for expansion.

  • Exploring Scalability:
    Scaling your business is not just about making more money in the available hours. It’s about finding ways to get the work done efficiently, allowing you to focus on growing the business rather than being stuck in day-to-day operations.

5. Planning for a Fulfilling Future:
As you delve into your side hustle, start planning your next move. While it might not be an immediate necessity, within the next year or two, contemplate how you can detach yourself from the day-to-day grind. This strategic move will pave the way for a more fulfilling life and enable you to enjoy the fruits of your labor.

  • Liberation from the Day-to-Day Grind:
    The ultimate goal is to extricate yourself from the daily operational tasks and build a more rewarding life. By planning your next move, you lay the foundation for a future where you’re not merely slaving away but savoring the money you’ve worked hard to earn.


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